Raonic on the first day of the 2016 ATP year-end finals 12 ACE Lectra Memphis_1


Raonic on the first day of the 2016 ATP year-end finals 12 ACE Lectra Memphis
On November 14th, Beijing time, the 2016 ATP year-end finals expanded the first day of competition. In the second game of the Lundell group, Canadian Raonic hit 12 ACE balls to 6-3 / 6-4Lectra’s Frenchman Monfils, who made the finals for the first time, made the group stage starter.Raonic Ronnick played against the Monfils colony five times, and Memphis took the lead with 3 wins and 2 losses. However, the Frenchman, as a new recruit in the finals, has less experience than Raonic.Both have suffered minor injuries recently, and whoever wins the career finals depends on the spot.  In the first set, Raonic entered the state very quickly, and Memphis was a little bit slower. After saving 3 break points in the second game, he was still broken by his opponent. Raonic made a 3-0 lead after defending the hair.After that, the two defended their services separately. In the seventh game, Raonic overcame the forehand firepower and successfully defended a 5-2 lead, throwing the pressure to his opponent. Memphis easily defended, but Raonic served.The winning game did not give the opponent a chance, winning the first set 6-3.  In the first game of the second set, the two started a fierce battle. Memphis rescued the break point and threw it. Raonic broke through a strong serve. His serve is still unbreakable. The two sides battled 1-1.Phils stubbornly defended his hair when he was 0-40 years old. After that, the two defended each other to 3-3. In the 7th inning, Memphis made more mistakes with a hand in hand and instead sent a break point., Raonic surpassed the cash, 4-3 lead.After the 10th ACE was released, Raonic led 5-3.Raonic scored the second set 6-4 after a game of mutual protection and won his first victory.

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