Which antique is the signature of the Parisian citizens in the 2024 Olympics boycotted to host the 2024 Olympics_1


Which piece of antique Paris citizens signed the boycott of the 2024 Olympics to host the 2024 Olympics
Where will the Parisian citizens sign their opponents to host the 2024 Olympic Games? The 2024 Olympic Games will be held in Paris, the French capital. Although there are still four years left before the opening of the Olympic Games, according to the gaming website, one of Paris’s objections to 2024The organization organized by the Olympic Games launched a boycott activity, about the French government canceling the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  The organization said that the current coronavirus pandemic triggered an economic and social crisis. In this case, funds should be spent in a fairer place than the Olympics. The petition initiated by the organization also expressed the potential for huge costs.The pressure of overspending is alleviated in the petition: we cannot interrupt the mistakes of the old world and move towards the new world.  This petition to cancel the scheduled 2024 Olympics puts forward a view that money should be spent on solving the impact of the epidemic crisis, not on hosting the Paris Olympics.We must resist and refuse to host the 2024 Olympic Games. We must invest in health care, education, housing, and public services. Under the current economic and social crisis, we need to spend more money in this area than to host it.At the Olympics.  The Olympic Games is a symbol of unlimited restrictions and a threat to the environment. The most important thing is that it is a huge waste for some industries. We can no longer afford these costs.Insidethegames website said that the epidemic caused a referendum on the 2024 Olympics in Paris. At the same time, Paris City Council officials also restarted the debate on whether Paris can host the 2024 Olympics.  It must be mentioned that although the petition against organizing the Olympic organization has just begun, there are already more than 890 signatures on the petition. After all, France already has more than 2.Eighty thousand people died of new coronavirus infections, of which Paris is also the hardest hit by the epidemic, and professional sports must click the restart button in France at least until September.  Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo did not respond positively to whether the Paris Olympics should be held in an interview with the “Team”, but only represented that some people have the right to express their opposition, and the opposition is also worthy of respect. The Olympic organizers are planning meetings in 2024During the Olympics, the lessons from the epidemic crisis will also be considered. Original title: Paris Citizens Sign Ownership to Abandon 2024 Olympics: Waste!Housing education is more important

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