The violin goddess Mute Break through all the net works of Beethoven in December


The violin goddess Mute “Break through all the net” works of Beethoven in December
Sauna Night News (reporter Liu Zhen) December 4-8, on the eve of the 250th anniversary of the birth of “Le Saint” Beethoven, Anne-Sophie Mutter, “Goddess of Violin”, will be in collaboration with the master conductorThe National Grand Theater Orchestra conducted by Neck, and “Key Masters” such as Orkies, Lu Wei, Mueller-Schott, Barbecue, etc., used 4 sessions entirely by Beethoven solo, ensemble, concertoThe concert composed of symphonic works was created as “Beethoven Memorial Week” at the National Grand Theater.Anne-Sophie Mutter contemporary German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter contemporary German violinist is an out-and-out Beethoven “spokesperson”, and Beethoven’s works have witnessed her during her 40-year careerArt road.Beginning with Beethoven’s “Violin Concerto in D Major” in collaboration with Karajan, the “conducting emperor”, in the 1970s, her exploration of Beethoven’s music never stopped. In addition to the concerto, she and like-minded musicianTheir recordings of Beethoven Sonatas, Chamber Music and other albums have also become important music documents today.The four concerts led by Mute can be described as star-studded.On December 4th, Mutt will join hands with old partner Lambert Olkis to collaborate on three violin and piano sonatas of Beethoven’s fourth, fifth and ninth.The famous partner of the complete collection of Beethoven’s violin and piano sonatas, it is valuable that this pair of old partners still maintain first-class performance standards.On the 5th and 7th, the conductor master Manfred Honeck will perform the National Theatre Orchestra and cooperate with Mutter and her friends to present Beethoven’s “Violin Concerto in D Major” and “Trio Concerto in C Major””And two romantic songs, and played the” Seventh Symphony “of the population.On December 8th, Mutt plus performed two strings trio of Beethoven with Lu Wei, Mueller-Schott, and Barbexo musicians, as well as the “quartet” in “E-flat major” string quartet.”Mutter will explore Beethoven’s most intrinsic and personal string works in this concert with the audience.These four systems are complete and full of weights, which is a systematic presentation of Beethoven ‘s violin works, and it has always been a wish of Mute himself-through the opportunity of Beethoven ‘s 250th birthday, to review violin and piano sonatas, violin concertos, etc.Accompanying her works for decades.The audience will get a rare opportunity to have an “in-depth contact” with Beethoven within a week through the performance of Mutter and her friends.■ Key performances On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven ‘s birthday next year, the masters of the regiment will invariably give priority to the classic works of “Le Saint” when selecting locations.Prior to this, the jazz performers of the “Mole Classic” and the Andrea Barka Chamber Orchestra, Pletnev were all creatively arranged with Beethoven’s works as the core location in the Mariinsky Symphony OrchestraThe day before the stage, on November 24th, the concert of the North German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra will be titled “Fate”, and will perform Beethoven’s “Fidelio” Overture and “Fifth Symphony”.The Voice of Austria interprets the famous “Fate Motive”.In addition to the shocking symphony, two powerful piano and violin players from the classical music industry will also appear in the “Mole · Classical Classics” series performance with extraordinary personal charm. Chinese violinist Lu Siqing will be on November 23In the concert every day, restore Paganini and perform his “Sweet Like a Song”.In addition, other wonderful presentations of classic works by composers such as Beethoven and Brahms, as well as their most popular violin concerto “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”.Another Chinese pianist, Li Yundi, who has considerable box office appeal, will bring in the romantic works of Chopin, Schubert, and Rachmaninov in a solo concert on December 1.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tong Na proofreading Zhao Lin

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